Company Profile

Ecoway is a company with 10 years of experience in manufacturing and research and development. Through continuous efforts, we have obtained ISO 9001 international quality system certification, ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, and IATF-16949 automotive quality management system certification. Our products are widely used in household products, personal care, medical equipment, equipment accessories, optical devices, hydrogen and new energy, electronic products, and personalized customization.

The company has complete process technologies such as metal etching, laser cutting, stamping, welding, and surface treatment, providing customers with one-stop solutions. Our company not only has high-quality product supply but also has a professional, efficient, and experienced R&D team that can meet customers' various needs.

We are committed to providing customers with high-quality and efficient services. Whether it is product development, manufacturing, or after-sales service, we will focus on customers to ensure that their needs are met. Our mission is to achieve common development of customers and the company through continuous technological innovation and excellent service quality.

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Our Service

Our service philosophy is to provide customers with an excellent service experience to meet their needs and expectations. We promise to provide the following services to customers

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Professionalism: Our service team has undergone professional training and has rich experience and knowledge to ensure the best solutions for customers.

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Reliability: We guarantee timely and accurate response to customer needs to ensure that customer satisfaction is always maintained at a high level.

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Dedication: Our service team will do their best to ensure that customer needs are met. No matter what kind of service customers need, we will go all out.

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Innovation: We constantly innovate and explore new service methods and methods to ensure that customers get the best service experience.

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Personalization: We will provide personalized services for each customer to ensure that their unique needs and expectations are met. Our service philosophy is committed to providing customers with the best service experience and continuously improving and innovating during the service process to maximize customer satisfaction.

Our Factory

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Corporate Culture

As a company, having a positive, proactive, and happy corporate culture that centers around the customer is crucial. The core of this culture is customer-centricity. In our company, our employees are passionate about their work and always prioritize our customers.

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Firstly, customer-centricity is the core of our corporate culture. We believe that success can only be achieved by meeting the needs of our customers. Therefore, we constantly strive to improve our products and services to ensure that our customers always have the best experience. Our employees value communication with customers and are always willing to listen to their opinions and suggestions.

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Secondly, positivity and proactivity are another important aspect of our corporate culture. Our employees always face challenges with a positive attitude and strive to exceed their abilities. They continue to learn and develop to ensure that our company is always at the forefront of the industry. We encourage employees to innovate boldly and suggest new ideas to help us better serve our customers.

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Lastly, our corporate culture emphasizes happiness and well-being. We believe that only in a happy and fulfilling environment can employees fully realize their potential. Therefore, our company pays attention to the work-life balance of employees and provides a variety of employee benefits and activities to ensure their physical and mental health.

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In summary, customer-centricity, positivity, and happiness are the core values of our corporate culture. We believe that this corporate culture will make our company more successful and help us provide better products and services for our customers.

Our Team

Our team is composed of a group of professionals with over 10 years of industry experience. We possess deep expertise and broad knowledge in our field. At the same time, we continuously apply innovative ideas and strive to become industry leaders.


Collaboration is the cornerstone of our team. We understand each person's strengths and contributions and make good use of team resources and skills to achieve our goals. Whether in project management or team building, we focus on cultivating teamwork and spirit to maximize everyone's potential and achieve common goals.


Our values are crucial and are the core of our team. We firmly believe that honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility, and innovation are essential values in our work and life. In our team, these values are not just slogans, but are integrated into every decision and action we take, ensuring that we grow in the right way.

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In summary, our team is a professional, efficient, collaborative, and value-driven team. Our industry experience and innovative ideas, combined with our team spirit, enable us to provide the best quality service to our clients and maintain a leading position in the highly competitive market.